Tocircle's SINGLE VANE compressor is a positive displacement machine based on a rolling piston principle. The development of this innovative compressor started in 2021. It offers technical advantages to recover low-grade waste heat from industrial process.


Tocircle compressors are ideal for closed-loop Ultra High Temperature Heat Pumps (UHTHPs) or open-loop Heat Pumps (MVR). It handles multi-phase flow leading to:
1/ Control of the temperature of the working media at the outlet. Water is injected in the compression chamber to avoid superheating (evaporative compression technology).
2/ No requirements to treat the upstream gas for liquid separation or even removal of impurities from the industrial process.


Expansion through turbines has been the most common way of creating rotation, power and electricity. Still, one large challenge remains: Conventional turbines require the gas / stream does not contain liquid of any significance. Tocircle's multi-phase expander can handle fluids with a high liquid fraction through the expansion, allowing expansion well into the two-phase region. This provides significant simplification and reduced investments when designing expansion applications.

Pressure Range

1 bara

20 bara

Nominal Speed

1000 RPM


Compressor (input)

320 L/s, 640 L/s, 960 L/s

Expander (output)

500 L/s, 1000 L/s, 1500 L/s

Inlet steam quality

Superheated Steam, Saturated steam or vapor/liquid mix