Convert excess heat into usable energy


Valorizing Excess Steam

Energy solutions to accelerate the electrification of the industry

MVR stands for Mechanical Vapor Recompression.

This Waste Heat Recovery Solution (WHRS) is an open-loop heat pump using water vapor as working media. The waste steam, with impurities from the process, is directly recovered and recompressed to the temperature/pressure level required by the industrial process. There is no need for additional equipment e.g. heat exchangers or separator leading to a reduction of losses compared to a closed-loop system. Tocircle's multiphase compressor is perfectly suited to this solution.

UHTHP stands for Ultra High Temperature Heat Pumps.

Superheating of the working media in a conventional closed-loop heat pump leads to loss of energy. Tocircle's multiphase compressor enables delivery of saturated steam for a better performance of this WHRS.

Temperatures in the sink can now be above 180°C.

DSE stands for Direct Steam Expansion.

Steam is a common energy carrier at most industrial sites, often generated by a central boiler unit. Daily and seasonal variations, and intermittent steam demand by batch production may lead to frequent dumping of unused steam flows. Such excess steam may feed an expander to generate useful, “free” electricity for local use.
Also where steam pressure needs to be reduced, Tocircle's multi-phase expander can replace a throttle valve, generating electric or rotational power from the differential pressure.